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Safety Pilot Training

Although there are no formal requirements for this training, experience has taught us that the following is suitable for most people to gain some confidence:


 Dual Instruction: 10 hours

 Radio Tuition: Training & Practice


What can I do with these new skills?


Safety Pilot Training is designed to enable a non-pilot to be able to make emergency radio calls, take control and handle the aircraft, follow instructions and land the aircraft in the event of the pilot of the light aircraft being incapacitated for any reason. In this way, as a regular passenger, you can feel a little more at ease and confident when travelling in a light aircraft with the knowledge that you can safely land the aircraft should the need arise.


Interestingly, if this training inspires you, the hours you have accrued can be logged towards the issue of a JAR PPL, or NPPL!




No pre-entry


Our safety pilot

training is designed

for non-pilots who

regularly fly as

passengers in light

aircraft and who wish

to learn some basics.

Fear of Flying?