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Private Pilots Licence (PPL)

JAR PPL Course Outline:


The Flight training consists of a minimum of 45 hours with a minimum of 25 hours out of the 45 hours carried out under dual instruction and to include at least 10 hours of supervised solo flight. The 10 hours solo flight must include at least 5 hours cross country time and this will include a Qualifying Cross Country flight of at least 150 nautical miles landing at two other airfields, for which we normally use Gamston and Cambridge. The minimum dual and solo hours equal 35 hours leaving 10 hours to be completed as either dual or solo, or a bit of each. To be able to log hours towards your licence you must be at least 14 years old. You can fly solo at the age of 16 and the minimum age for the issue of a licence is 17.


All pilots must complete a medical examination before flying solo, although you can start dual training before obtaining your medical.


The Theory ground examinations consist of seven written subjects and a practical radio test:


Air Law



Flight Performance and Planning

Aircraft General

Human Performance

Principles of Flight and Communications


The multiple-choice style written exam can be taken at your convenience and all the written examinations must be completed within a 12 month period. However, you do have 24 months from the date of the first pass in which to complete your flight training.


Upon completion of your flight training and written examinations you take a (PPL) Skill Test, the aviation comparison of a driving test. This must be carried out within 6 months of the completion of training. Once all sections of the Skills Test are successfully completed, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will issue you with a Private Pilots Licence (PPL).




No official pre-entry

requirements for the course.

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