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Night Rating - 'Dusk 'til Dawn'

The Night Rating Qualification is the perfect addition to a PPL and there are many benefits and privileges to be enjoyed as a pilot with this Rating. For example, it offers the holder the option to fly with passengers within the UK during the hours of darkness, to highlight but one of these accessible privileges.


So, how do we achieve this? The course is only 5 hours long, of which 3 hours must be completed with a Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI). You will also have to complete 5 take-offs and landings at night as a solo exercise.


During the course you will complete night circuits, navigation and emergencies. There are no flight tests during the Qualification, or exams.

On completion of the Night Qualification you will be entitled to fly between official night and official day (30 minutes after sunset, and 30 minutes before sunrise respectively).


To gain this qualification, you must complete the following:


Night Qualification Requirements:


 5 solo flights (including a night take-off and landing each time).

 5 hours night flying of which 1 hour must be dual navigation.

There are no ground or flight tests required for the Night Qualification.


Night flying adds more variety and flexibility to your flying. It allows you the option of landing at night enabling you to have less restriction to your flying plans. It can be a serene and very special occasion providing a truly spectacular experience for both pilot and passengers alike. It is also one of the easiest qualifications to add to your licence!




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