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MEP - The Need for Speed!

Have you ever fancied flying something a little faster? If so, then the Multi-Engine Piston (MEP) Rating is for you! The MEP Rating is the perfect addition to your PPL.


A Multi not only offers the added safety and security of having two engines instead of one, it has faster cruise speeds and extended range capabilities.


To complete the MEP course you are required to:


MEP Rating Course Requirements and Contents:


 6 Hours Dual Flight Time, of which:

 3½ hrs to be completed on engine failure and    asymmetric flying

 2½ hrs to be completed under normal conditions

 One Ground Exam

 One Flight Test


During the course you will also have to complete a minimum of 7 hours ground tuition to pass the Ground Exam. The exam has questions based on your knowledge of type of aircraft, as well as general Multi questions. The pass mark is 75%.

Pre-course Requirements:


Before embarking on the MEP you need to have accrued 70 hours Pilot-In-Command Time.