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Flying Training - Give Flying a Go!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to learn to fly but thought: Is it for me? Well, at Eagle Flite Services we offer you the option to ‘Give Flying a Go’. This opportunity enables you to determine whether you would be suited to flying, enjoy the experience and whether you would like to consider becoming a Private Pilot.


We offer a ‘Give Flying a Go’ experience where, after a short pre-flight briefing, you will undertake a short flight with one of our Qualified Flying Instructors and under direct supervision from the QFI, you will have the opportunity to handle the controls of the aircraft.


Whether you are an ab initio novice, have had a little flying experience or are a more seasoned aviator, we are able to plot a course for you to obtain a Private Pilots Licence (PPL) or National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL). And, if you have already gained your PPL and would like to progress even further, then we are also able to offer additional courses, for example: IMC, Night Rating, Aerobatic Rating and Multi-Engine Piston Rating Courses.


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